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DJ RobotHi Chat Room(16.01.2021, 00:36)(00:36)0
DJ RobotKaboom(15.01.2021, 19:56)(19:56)0
Inch Perfect+447727296774 for requests and dedications text and whatsapp(15.01.2021, 19:32)(19:32)0
Inch PerfectWelcome to Reggae NEO Soul Show, Every Friday 6-9pm UK , 1-3pm EST(15.01.2021, 18:27)(18:27)0
DJ RobotOI OI(15.01.2021, 15:16)(15:16)0
DJ RobotLondons Leading Station(15.01.2021, 10:33)(10:33)0
DJ RobotKeep it Locked(15.01.2021, 05:48)(05:48)0
DJ RobotThe Rock 926(15.01.2021, 01:07)(01:07)0
DJ RobotTuneage(14.01.2021, 20:27)(20:27)0
DJ RobotWelcome to our chat room(14.01.2021, 15:46)(15:46)0
DJ RobotGreetings Everyone(14.01.2021, 11:05)(11:05)0
DJ RobotHi Chat Room(14.01.2021, 06:24)(06:24)0
DJ RobotKaboom(14.01.2021, 01:37)(01:37)0
BeauGood evening.(13.01.2021, 21:08)(21:08)0
DJ RobotOI OI(13.01.2021, 20:37)(20:37)0
DJ RobotLondons Leading Station(13.01.2021, 15:56)(15:56)0
DJ RobotKeep it Locked(13.01.2021, 11:12)(11:12)0
DJ RobotThe Rock 926(13.01.2021, 06:29)(06:29)0
DJ RobotTuneage(13.01.2021, 01:48)(01:48)0
Inch PerfectGoodbye and thanks for tuning in(12.01.2021, 22:02)(22:02)0
Inch PerfectApril if you want to change your name , click the right arrow beside the head icon , the back space delete the guest name and retype your own name(12.01.2021, 21:05)(21:05)0
DJ RobotWelcome to our chat room(12.01.2021, 21:03)(21:03)0
Inch PerfectGreetings Bev glad you enjoying the Tunes(12.01.2021, 20:56)(20:56)0
Inch PerfectHiya April , thanks for tuning in(12.01.2021, 20:56)(20:56)0
Inch PerfectWelcome to the NEO Centric Show 8-10pm GMT with me Inch Perfect(12.01.2021, 20:53)(20:53)0
Beverley goodingRocking all the way with you, lovely vibes, keep it going cuz, love you xx Bev(12.01.2021, 20:31)(20:31)0
Beverley goodingHi Cuz, how u doing. Hooe u r keeping safe and cool. Lovely afternoon here in Bdos. We are just chilling out at home in the cool breeze keeping outselves safe.(12.01.2021, 20:26)(20:26)0
TommyHey cousin. Its april(12.01.2021, 20:19)(20:19)0
DJ RobotGreetings Everyone(12.01.2021, 16:22)(16:22)0
DJ RobotHi Chat Room(12.01.2021, 11:40)(11:40)0

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