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DJ RobotGreetings Everyone(13.11.2019, 05:57)(05:57)0
MilanHope you're enjoying the selection this eve ... Bless :)(13.11.2019, 01:21)(01:21)0
DJ RobotHi Chat Room(13.11.2019, 01:17)(01:17)0
MilanThanks you joining me , it's Claudz aka Miss Ouch xx(13.11.2019, 00:32)(00:32)0
DJ RobotKaboom(12.11.2019, 20:37)(20:37)0
DJ RobotOI OI(12.11.2019, 15:57)(15:57)0
DJ RobotLondons Leading Station(12.11.2019, 11:17)(11:17)0
DJ RobotKeep it Locked(12.11.2019, 06:37)(06:37)0
DJ RobotThe Rock 926(12.11.2019, 01:56)(01:56)0
Inch PerfectGreetings(12.11.2019, 00:24)(00:24)0
DJ RobotTuneage(11.11.2019, 21:15)(21:15)0
DJ RobotWelcome to our chat room(11.11.2019, 16:34)(16:34)0
DJ RobotGreetings Everyone(11.11.2019, 11:52)(11:52)0
DJ RobotHi Chat Room(11.11.2019, 07:12)(07:12)0
DJ RobotKaboom(11.11.2019, 02:31)(02:31)0
DJ RobotOI OI(10.11.2019, 21:51)(21:51)0
LADY EJnot heard this for ages(10.11.2019, 20:39)(20:39)0
LADY EJchuneeeeeeeeee(10.11.2019, 20:33)(20:33)0
LADY EJLOVES THIS TUNE(10.11.2019, 19:55)(19:55)0
LADY EJtuneeeeeeee(10.11.2019, 19:48)(19:48)0
LADY EJEvening all, hope all is good(10.11.2019, 19:46)(19:46)0
CrystalThis is the person leading the campaign for reparations? What a bl@@dy shambles. (10.11.2019, 18:21)(18:21)0
DJ RobotLondons Leading Station(10.11.2019, 17:11)(17:11)0
Lady Blessed GeeSunday Welcome to my front room for an afternoon of Lovers Rock(10.11.2019, 14:11)(14:11)0
DJ RobotKeep it Locked(10.11.2019, 12:31)(12:31)0
DJ RobotThe Rock 926(10.11.2019, 07:51)(07:51)0
DJ RobotTuneage(10.11.2019, 03:11)(03:11)0
Im back, yes me .I'm backI dont like how your treating me and my car. . Your a wicked dj.(09.11.2019, 23:06)(23:06)0
Im back, yes me .I'm backWhy you have to shame me up like that. Your a bully .. that's whY your people are saying(09.11.2019, 22:56)(22:56)0
Im back, yes me .I'm backThe cars leaking need help . Any donations, al is welcome(09.11.2019, 22:52)(22:52)0

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The Rock presents the rock Christmas party on Saturday, the 21st of December 2019

to be held at the hatch club 23 Lewisham way London SE14 6PP

doors open from 11 pm till late last entry 2:30 am

Club policy no ID no entry ID scanner is in operation dresswear on the night sexy and classy

no jeans no trainers

Musical entertainment supplied by the rock DJs miss ouch a.k.a. Claude Thornton

the Atra crew

Streetlife unlimited

Mr Shorty


daddy Chris.

Tickets at £10 available from James shoe care Barkingside (020) 8550 1440

maestro records Peckham (020) 7635 7299

//online event bright .

And all DJs on the rock ticket hotline for birthday parties and VIP tables available number is 0787 200 7363. Lots of giveaways and prizes on the night.

Management and DJs would like to thank you the public for your support over the years

it's been 33 years from 1986 rock to rock to the rock 2019

we are the original pacesetters,the foundation community station

still kicking it right here right now guaranteed to be a good Christmas knees up