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Inch PerfectWelcome to the NEO Centric Show with me DJ Inch Perfect(21.10.2019, 23:14)(23:14)0
Cyber Soul7Greetings to each and everyone(21.10.2019, 22:59)(22:59)0
DJ RobotTuneage(21.10.2019, 21:35)(21:35)0
Danny GeeFire ......(21.10.2019, 21:17)(21:17)0
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TONY PMORNING(21.10.2019, 07:34)(07:34)0
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Zane(20.10.2019, 20:51)(20:51)0
Lady EJTuneeeee(20.10.2019, 20:15)(20:15)0
Lady EJHi every one hope all good??????(20.10.2019, 19:20)(19:20)0
TaraAnyone out there convinced by listening to the empty rhetoric from Devon - sorry "Dulani"?(20.10.2019, 18:55)(18:55)0
LeonidasPresenter reading out a text message about two seven year old black boys being murdered in Milton Keynes, when one of the boys killed is white and both are aged seventeen? Recipe for more confusion isn't it?(20.10.2019, 18:32)(18:32)0
DJ RobotLondons Leading Station(20.10.2019, 17:33)(17:33)0
Lady Blessed GeeBlessing Angela & the Plumstead Crew every time(20.10.2019, 14:41)(14:41)0
JohnnyComing from us Plumstead famIly angela(20.10.2019, 14:34)(14:34)0
JohnnyHi me family I'm locked on locked on(20.10.2019, 14:32)(14:32)0
Lady Blessed GeeGreetings chatroom & Welcome to my front room for an afternoon of Lovers Rock Bless Up Fat Larry(20.10.2019, 14:15)(14:15)0
DJ RobotKeep it Locked(20.10.2019, 12:53)(12:53)0
Lady Blessed GeeBlessed Good Morning Fat Larry xx(20.10.2019, 11:38)(11:38)0
fat larrythank you topstarr bless(20.10.2019, 10:56)(10:56)0
fat larrymorn lady blessed gee(20.10.2019, 10:34)(10:34)0
fat larrygood morn chat room bless up topstarr(20.10.2019, 10:33)(10:33)0
Lady Blessed Gee(20.10.2019, 10:19)(10:19)0
Lady Blessed GeeMorning Topstar Bless Up xx(20.10.2019, 10:15)(10:15)0