Online advertising is interactive.

An online spot can include a synchronized banner ad with a direct link to the advertiser's website. This means that someone who is ready to buy an advertiser's product can be directed to their website and create a purchase immediately.

Online advertising is multi-dimensional
Terrestrial radio relies on a single dimension to move listeners (sound). Online advertising use sound, video, and direct calls to action to move listeners to an advertiser.

Online radio reaches at work listeners
Since most online listeners are in front of their computer while they are listening, they can instantly see what songs are playing and decide right then to purchase it. They can immediately click on a synchronized banner ad to take advantage of a special offer from an advertiser or to go to the advertiser's website to view inventory.

Mobile listening is exploding
Every trend report released in the past year points to the fact that mobile listening is growing faster than any media category. The release of the tablet PC (ipad, android, google, blackberry etc) will create an even stronger buzz for all things mobile. Having your brand on mobile devices is now more essential than ever.

Permanent tile ads
The permanent tile ad is like a banner, but larger. Since it typically does not rotate, the advertiser's brand and logo is consistently tied in with the radio station. It is clickable, launching another window that goes directly to the advertiser's website.

Banner ads
Listeners frequently view the player to get song and album information. Banner ads provide a visual component as well as an interactive component. Banner ads are clickable and can be used to drive listeners to the advertiser's website

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