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Inch Perfect+447727 296 774 for requests dedications text or whatsapp Also, 21:25)(21:25)0
Inch PerfectWelcome to The NEO Centric Show Tuesdays 8-10pm UK ..3-8pm USA. Playing Independent & Neo Soul(29.09.2020, 20:34)(20:34)0
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SircrazyThank you for time..Sunday Blessing to you and yous(27.09.2020, 15:00)(15:00)0
DJ RobotTuneage(27.09.2020, 11:59)(11:59)0
SircrazyCatch me Sircrazy Midday till 3pm...Revival ..Rice n Peas...Soulful Grooves(27.09.2020, 10:53)(10:53)0
SircrazySunday Blessing Rockers(27.09.2020, 10:51)(10:51)0
DJ RobotWelcome to our chat room(27.09.2020, 07:19)(07:19)0
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DJ GabbiGood afternoon DJ Gabbi on The Rock 12pm till 3pm:)(26.09.2020, 12:31)(12:31)0
Da Man From Da Ol' SkoolGOOD MORNING ROCK (@^ FAMILY... !!!!(26.09.2020, 10:09)(10:09)0

Mykey Simpson 003

One of the original Presenters at Rock To Rock radio 90.2fm