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My name is Cassandra AKA Topstarr. I have been into music from as long as I can remember.

Where it all started?I remember my first sound system at the age of 13 and bought Busta Rhymes Woo hah on cassette. I place my speakers on my bedroom window seal, open the window wide and blared it out for the rest of the estate to hear.

Growing up music was my therapy. Whenever I felt happy or sad, music helped me to deal with life. I enjoy getting lost in music, its soothes my soul.

I was influenced by my dad as he had a sound in the 80s called Black legend and in the 90s called Turbo Tranni.

Over the years I collected various music and played at parties in London, which friends and family recommended me. The music I play is a mixture of RnB, dancehall,  Reggae,  Pop, Soul and Jazz etc.My passion is to play music to others, I feel good seeing or hearing people enjoying the music I play.

I recently have joined The Rock 926 family. It is the first time being on a Radio, and I must say I am enjoying my experience.