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11:42-- Guest_5450: morning
11:18-- Tom GER : Hey
11:17-- Guest_3970: Gibt es deutsche hier?
11:17-- Guest_3970: Hallo
7:14-- Guest_1252: Good Morning Tone
21:27-- LADY EJ: Pull pls
21:20-- LADY EJ: :D :D:D:P:D:D:D:D
20:24-- LADY EJ: Niceeeeeeee
19:56-- LADY EJ: Tuneeeeeeeeeee
19:48-- LADY EJ: pull up
19:44-- LADY EJ: Tune
19:02-- LADY EJ: Evening all.
16:56-- SIRCRAZY: Thank you for time....Bless up
14:37-- Smedley : Join me tomorrow Monday 12pm till 3pm with easy Monday best in easy reagge with a touch of easy soul dj Smedley
14:37-- Guest_9829: :D
14:35-- Smedley : Tune
14:09-- SIRCRAZY: LoversRock....1st all about singalongs
14:08-- SIRCRAZY: Manny Thanks Fat Larryt..Bless up
13:59-- fat larry: thank you chat room blessed sunday
13:35-- Guest_9829: :)
13:29-- SIRCRAZY: Afternoon Rocker....Fat Larry
12:44-- Guest_5028: Fat Larry you are the king of the airways bro
12:37-- Guest_7705: The sweet horns of the Alpha boys
12:27-- Guest_2533: Need her on the 5-7 slot instead of the beat down Babylon every week
12:19-- Guest_8172: Nuff respect to this you lady she hit the nail on the head fi real
11:35-- Guest_4180: Nics one wheelup bro
11:32-- Guest_4179: Big tune
11:32-- fat larry: bless up nice
11:31-- Guest_3666: Blessings good morning Fat Larry bro.
11:01-- fat larry: morn family bless
11:00-- Guest_9829: morning Fat Larry
10:17-- fat larry: good morn chat room bless
8:34-- Dj Sharon: Morning all. Join me for Spiritual Joy until 10am
1:50-- smeds : noice
1:31-- Guest_3137: Nice, nice. Big up kingsdale massive. Nuff respect to you too. Haul and pull
23:12-- Della: thanks luv x
23:11-- Della: Lol
23:05-- Della: Hi x
22:29-- Fat Larry : Good evening Chris nice king bless
22:00-- smeds : longtime with them larry young fuel


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)