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23:28-- Guest_6420: :D :D
19:40-- Mykey Simpson: Evening Sir Wrighty
19:24-- Guest_6855: Evening Wrighty
18:28-- CHRISI CHRIS : Wrighty sorry lol
18:28-- CHRISI CHRIS : Weighty
18:27-- Guest_8386: Greetings all
17:48-- Guest_8178: :D
16:18-- Guest_8178: Me & Mrs Jones
11:23-- Guest_8058: Nice music rock
9:59-- Guest_2470: :D
9:57-- Guest_6719: many thanks tp great show
9:32-- tp: morning....thanx
9:28-- Guest_2470: Good Morning Tony
9:27-- Guest_1986: Blessed morning TP
9:26-- tp: morning all
22:12-- Guest_9393: thanks
21:59-- Guest_8200: :D
21:58-- Mystique: Thank you all for your company, have a blessed week. Up next Topstarr :D :D
20:49-- Mystique: :D :D
20:47-- Mykey Simpson: Hi Ya
20:45-- Mystique: Good evening Mykey :D
20:41-- Mykey Simpson: :)
20:02-- Mystique: Good evening guest 2296 :D
20:01-- Guest_2296: evening Mystique
20:00-- Mystique: Good evening chat room, bless up Likkle Minty :D
18:42-- Guest_9393: :D
17:57-- Guest_8609: Singing out heartily
16:56-- Guest_3022: afternoon ranks
9:24-- Guest_5301: Good Morning
0:32-- Guest_8034: Love it
23:52-- Guest_8887: Sing to me Frankie
23:25-- Guest_3006: Youre #1 for sure.
23:24-- Guest_4738: Awww so nice.
22:50-- Guest_8622: much better
22:45-- 1DADDYCHRIS: all good
21:39-- Guest_2906: after me big gee sorry once again anout the mic
19:46-- Guest_1716: the mic i can hear it but its going out hmmm
19:36-- Guest_6335: Hi smeds
19:24-- Guest_3572: sorry my mic not working smeds
19:07-- Guest_3226: Blacks in the UK have become very western. most say they ain't?
18:49-- Guest_3822: Our people need to wake up out of this coma
18:48-- Guest_4560: Fantastic show!
17:48-- Guest_3718: Big up Prophet!
14:12-- fat larry: thank you chat room bless
13:53-- Guest_7159: big tunes bro
13:15-- ~Studio 1: :D
12:53-- Guest_2506: Bim bad bad tune
12:14-- Guest_5779: Big tune nice one bro
12:01-- Guest_1222: Bless up bro good afternoon
11:03-- fat larry: bless up topstarr
11:03-- Topstarr: Thank you all for listening :D Fat Larry up next!
11:03-- Topstarr: Your welcome 1424 :)
10:56-- Guest_1424: thank you topstarr bless
10:26-- Guest_1424: good morn chat room bless topstarr nice
9:59-- Topstarr: Thank you spiritual joy
9:57-- Spiritual joy: Topstar up next
9:57-- Spiritual joy: Be blessed every one and put God first
9:32-- Topstarr: :) :)
9:31-- Spiritual joy: I'm blessed and good thank you
9:29-- Topstarr: How are you?
9:29-- Topstarr: Im good thank you
9:29-- Spiritual joy: Blessed Morning TopStar You good?
9:29-- Topstarr: :D
9:29-- Topstarr: Morning chat room
9:28-- Topstarr: Morning Spiritual joy
8:23-- Spiritual joy: Morning Skin Teet 8359:D:D(
7:41-- Guest_8359: :D
7:38-- Spiritual Joy: Morning Landy Chat room jpin me for Morning glory 8-10am. God bless you all and tella friend.
21:56-- Big Gee: :D :D:D:D:D:D
21:54-- Big Gee: DON'T TEST ME
21:54-- Big Gee: 100 CLUB
21:54-- Big Gee: gLOBAL VILLAGE
21:52-- Big Gee: CHEEKY PETE'S
21:22-- Big Gee: Make sure you have the right address O.O
21:21-- Big Gee: Sent It Fed EX
21:19-- Guest_1724: :D
21:18-- Big Gee: Puuuuuulllllll up Dj Chris Fi Life :D
21:16-- Big Gee: Consortium Fi Life :D


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