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22:14-- Guest_5317: YES YES SEPTI
19:36-- Guest_8951: Choon
11:23-- Guest_3954: To all Rock DJs: Please send big birthday greetings today to my friend Millie Neith from back in the days when Brixton was Brixton :P I miss her very much and hope we can get back in touch soon 8)
21:58-- Mystique: Thank you all for your company, have a blessed week. Up next Inch Perfect :D :D
21:46-- Mystique: Good evening guest 5072 :D
21:43-- Guest_5072: :)
19:03-- Mystique: Good evening chat room :D
14:04-- Guest_6057: :D
21:00-- Nina: xxx :-*
21:00-- Nina: :D :D :D
21:00-- Lady EJ : bye huns
20:59-- Nina: Goodnight Bandit & Boops and Lady EJ xxx
20:58-- Lady EJ : Wicked show
20:57-- Nina: :D :D :D
20:56-- Nina: Im wiggling to London at weekend for my Bday.. So see you then Guys xx
20:56-- Nina: MY TUNE :D :D
20:55-- Nina: CHOOOOON :D :D
20:55-- Nina: :D :D :D :D :D
20:55-- Nina: Been a Wicked Show Bandit :-* and Boops :-* ... Thankyou Guys ...Blessed Love .. xx: -* :-*
20:50-- Nina: :D :D :D
20:49-- Nina: No not skipping work lol
20:46-- Nina: HAHAHA His a big baby looool
20:44-- Nina: :D :D :D :D
20:43-- Nina: :D :D :D BANDITTTT
20:41-- Nina: TUNE :D :D :D :D
20:37-- Nina: Two
20:37-- Nina: Cant you to do overtime :D :D :D
20:35-- Nina: Jeeeze You two are the best laugh all week LOOOL
20:35-- Nina: :D :D :D
20:34-- Nina: Hahahaha Boops
20:34-- Nina: Jesse Powell .... Tune
20:32-- Nina: Or you can put them in your cooking :D :D
20:31-- Nina: :D :D :D
20:31-- Nina: you eat them Boops LOL
20:30-- Nina: Im enjoying it :D :D :D
20:20-- Nina: :D :D :D :D :D
20:20-- Nina: Hahaha
20:19-- Nina: LOL :D :D :D :D and wore lipstick lol
20:17-- Nina: He needs to Boops LOOOOL Hes a doughnut lol
20:16-- Nina: Hahaha Good one Boops But hes got the wrong number lol
20:15-- Nina: TUNE>>>
20:15-- Nina: :D :D :D
20:14-- Nina: Bandit that the fastest phone number ive ever heard lol
20:11-- Nina: :D :D :D :D
19:59-- Nina: :D :D :D Thankyou
19:58-- Nina: CHOOOON PUll Up PLease
19:58-- Lady EJ : Pull upppppppp my tuneeeeeeee
19:53-- Nina: He got his wiggle on for that one Boops LOL
19:51-- Nina: Oh my gosh Bandit you had to play this tune after lipstick joke LOOOL
19:50-- Nina: Lot better Boops
19:50-- Nina: Thats better
19:49-- Nina: Hahaha
19:49-- Nina: Your mics gone quite Boops
19:48-- Nina: He can keep it LOL
19:48-- Nina: Hahaha Boops
19:43-- Lady EJ : memories
19:42-- Nina: :D :D :D :D :D
19:38-- Lady EJ : Wicked tune
19:37-- Nina: :D :D :D
19:36-- Nina: What do you want with my mama LOL
19:35-- Nina: CHOOOON
19:35-- Nina: Jeeeeze Bandit :D :D :D LOL
19:34-- Nina: :D :D :D
19:33-- Nina: Your turn now for the jokes Boops... Make it better than that one Boops LOL
19:32-- Nina: Hahahahaha :D :D :D :D
19:29-- Lady EJ : Pullllll
19:29-- Nina: Nice... :D :D :D Me myself & I
19:28-- Nina: You would get big beatings when we was small... even for looking the wrong way
19:26-- Nina: send it to me Bandit
19:25-- Nina: You wasnt harsh Boops & Bandit... That was real talk
19:22-- Nina: :D :D :D
19:22-- Nina: Hahahaha Bandittttt
19:21-- Lady EJ : Tune
19:21-- Nina: Hahahaha I wont wiggle LOOOL
19:19-- Nina: You can tuck me in the suitcase lol
19:19-- Nina: Hahahaha
19:17-- Nina: :D :D :D Boops we have missed you making bandit laugh... :D :D
19:14-- Nina: Hahaha Get your wiggle on and go B :D :D
19:12-- Nina: :D :D :D


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)