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An internet radio station broadcasting from London Town to the whole wide world. 

At The Rock926 our aim is to provide an exceptional high quality independant music alternative to commercial radio.

The Rock926 has a fast growing interactive audience. Our vast selection of music and quality D.J’s offers a unique format that commercial radio has yet to provide.

There’s a little something for everyone here at The Rock926. 

Broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in digital stereo. We have non stop music like R&B, Neo-Soul, Jazz, Gospel, Old School, Reggae and much much more.

The Rock926 offers you what most Internet Radio Stations cannot!! So please do not settle for second best, you don't need to - because we are here!

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Jahah hails from Seattle by way of Atlanta and has been working with Henny Tha Bizness and Speech (of Arrested Development) in regards to his forthcoming project Do What You Love. The album is a throwback to tradition soul/R&B with a hint of contemporary flare. Jahah says the album is inspired by A Tribe Called Quest and Mary J. Blige. “I’ve taken my time in regards to creating my next album. I’ve labored over its sound, musical direction, and the content that I want to sing about. When I release DWYL, it will be everything that I imagine it to be in my head. I’m not concerned with fame or money in regards to this album. My goal is to simply leave my mark on the world musically. I want people to feel me and really grasp the passion I have for music in general. DWYL is my truth.”
Before Jahah became an official soul singer, he was an aspiring producer/emcee who’d made a name for himself on the streets of Atlanta’s underground hip hop scene. In 2003, Jahah was producing beats for his then hip hop group Good Company who needed a male vocalist to sing a chorus to one of their songs. After recording several different singers, Jahah decided to take a stab at singing the chorus himself. “The fellas and supporters of Good Company liked what they heard and this was truly the beginning of Jahah the soul singer,” he said.
By the beginning of summer 2004, Jahah landed a recording deal with a Japanese label that put out his first international album Mama’s Only Son. The album afforded Jahah to tour South Africa, South America, and Europe as well produce for other artists abroad. Shortly after a tsunami hit Japan in 2006, Jahah was released from his Japanese recording contract. After several months of soul searching Jahah(s) cousin, Grammy award winning producer “Henny Tha Bizness,” moved from Los Angeles to Atlanta where Jahah resides. Things began to pick up again and Henny started pushing Jahah as a vocalist. “I was recording demo vocals over Henny’s productions and these songs were being directly submitted to artist like Wale, Kendrick, and Drake.” Jahah eventually went on to sing and co-produce several songs with Henny Tha Bizness including a song for Yela Wolf and Kendrick Lamar. Through Henny, Jahah found new life musically and decided to continue his journey as an artist.