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15:20-- Ms Angel eyez: :P
3:05-- Guest_6492hi: :)
18:14-- Guest_7143 LadyJoy : Greetings Sir, lock on.
11:50-- Guest_6029: no one home
23:21-- Guest_1542: hi sexy dj
18:04-- CHRISTINE CK: Blessings all
18:38-- Guest_5299: :D
14:48-- Guest_5752: MISSING MY SOUL
11:58-- Guest_1525: Thank you guys for listening, much appreciated xx :)
11:37-- Guest_5876: Glad ur enjoying 2005 :)
11:35-- Guest_2005: toons love it
11:32-- Guest_5156: :D :D:D
11:31-- Guest_3611: Bless. The show will be on my mixcloud page sometime tonight. Thank u :D
11:27-- Guest_8549: Yes Jedz. Can't wait for this show to be uploaded :D :D
11:02-- Guest_4058: Hi 4546 :)
11:00-- Guest_4546: :)
11:00-- Guest_5397: Thank you 2005 :)
10:59-- Guest_6648: Coming up after the ad break some classic Soul Grooves from the 80s 90s and early 2000s. Keep It Locked :)
10:59-- Guest_2005: :D nice JD
10:45-- Guest_5724: :D
10:43-- Guest_8157: Hi there 1118 :)
10:39-- Guest_1118: Hi Jedz
10:35-- Guest_5271: Morning All :) JD
10:22-- Guest_2005: morning
23:55-- Nina: Great show Wayne and Smeds... Thankyou... Nuff blessings xx :D :D
23:36-- Nina: CHOOOON :D :D :D
23:27-- Nina: Beautiful Tune :D
23:26-- Nina: :D :D :D :D
23:25-- Nina: :D :D:D:D:D:D
23:23-- Nina: CHOOOOON :D :D :D
23:13-- Nina: Evening 5589 :D
23:08-- Guest_5589: Evening all
22:25-- Nina : :D :D :D :D Tune
22:16-- Nina : Good Evening Smeds :D :D
21:20-- Nina: Good Evening Wayne
23:45-- Guest_5692: :-*
23:40-- Guest_9110: Lovely babe :-*
23:04-- Big Gee: I always do maybe you have not heard me...
22:57-- Guest_7100: hi nads?
22:50-- Guest_8415: i notice that ?? wa do him ??
22:40-- Guest_3174: Hi big G, I have notice that you never thank the DJ before you, started. I think everyDJ does it at least once.
20:41-- Guest_7007: :D :) :)
20:29-- Lady EJ: Chuneeeeee
19:57-- Lady EJ: Pull up
19:43-- Lady EJ: Pullllllllllll uppppppp
19:20-- Guest_3246: evenin
19:18-- Lady EJ: Evening all
14:39-- smeds: with the lovers rock affair
14:33-- smeds: join me tommrow 12pm till 3pm with easy mon tues same time thursday 12pm till 4p and sun 2pm till 5pm
14:01-- fat larry: thank you chat room mr shorty up next bless
12:57-- Guest_7885: Bad bad bro pull it up
12:40-- Guest_8598: Jackie Edward
12:25-- Guest_1443: I dance to this one on my wedding day.
12:24-- fat larry: bless up family
12:24-- Guest_1689: Big tune bro
12:07-- Guest_4671: Bless up chat room
11:21-- fat larry: morn bro bless
11:20-- Guest_1503: Blessings Fat Larry bro good morning.
10:43-- fat larry: ready to roll at 11am rice and peas
10:26-- fat larry: good morn chat room bless
9:21-- Spiritual Joy: Morning 5562
8:56-- Guest_5562: :D
8:43-- Spiritual Joy: God morning all...Morming Glory Praising God through musical worship
0:00-- Djsteveo : stay in touch bro gonna lock your show down every week now
23:56-- Djsteveo : tune
23:56-- Djsteveo : Your to bad
23:55-- Djsteveo : Still got to get CGYMW out here
23:55-- Djsteveo : back on station 6-9am Saturday morning check it out
23:53-- Djsteveo : You was always a mentor brother
23:53-- Djsteveo : stop it legend
23:52-- Djsteveo : Sending Sun to you bro can’t do the cold nomore
23:50-- Djsteveo : Tune
23:49-- Djsteveo : 3-48pm afternoon hot here sounding great and very clear in California
23:48-- Djsteveo : you still got it
23:46-- Djsteveo : Thx appreciate bro
23:45-- Djsteveo : Big up daddy chris
23:44-- Djsteveo : Pull up bro
22:25-- Guest_9791: Pull up selector


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)

My name is Cassandra AKA Topstarr. I have been into music from as long as I can remember.

Where it all started?I remember my first sound system at the age of 13 and bought Busta Rhymes Woo hah on cassette. I place my speakers on my bedroom window seal, open the window wide and blared it out for the rest of the estate to hear.

Growing up music was my therapy. Whenever I felt happy or sad, music helped me to deal with life. I enjoy getting lost in music, its soothes my soul.

I was influenced by my dad as he had a soundIn the 80s called Black legend and in the 90s called Turbo Tranni.

Over the years I collected various music and played at parties in London, which friends and family recommended me. The music I play is a mixture of RnB, dancehall,  Reggae,  Pop, Soul and Jazz etc.My passion is to play music to others, I feel good seeing or hearing people enjoying the music I play.

I recently have joined The Rock 926 family. It is the first time being on a Radio, and I must say I am enjoying my experience.  


Call us:
(+ 44) 7961 431 649
         07961 431 649

8901 Go Sitdown Road, Move and Go Weh

Telephone: +44 7961 431 649
Location      Contact Us

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Sweet Sensation &
People's Weekend Jam

Special Show & Dance

Saturday 16th Feb' 19

@The Amersham Arms
388 New Cross Road
London, SE14 6TY

Artists live on stage:
Winsome Moncrieffe-Mitchell

Music supplied by:
Mista Stylee:
07949 283 646

Barry Goldfinga
07956 390 403

Renegade Sound: aka Gee Rocky
07956 466 562

07956 451 944

Doors: 8pm-late
Showtime: 10pm sharp

Standard:£12.50. Couples:£20
Ticket outlets:
020 8671 0800
Brixton Hill
Supertone Records
020 7737 7761
Acre Lane, Brixton
Maestro Records
020 7635 7299
Rye Lane, Peckham